ATTNW Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your website says the railroad is private, but obviously people are allowed to visit and ride. How can I arrange a visit?

Because the railroad is on a family's private property, the ATT&NW is not a tourist attraction, with operating schedule and admission fees. We make the railroad available to certain groups who pay an honorarium to cover the significant costs of fuel and other necessities for railway operation. We also open the railroad to local residents and their families during "Friends Weekend" which is usually the last weekend of September. If you know people who are members of the railway's Friends group, they can give you more information. You may also contact us at our email address for more information attending on "Friends Weekend." We have no set admission charge for that weekend, but guests tend to be very generous at our donation box, and it offsets our operating costs for the weekend.

You host Boy Scouts every so often. How can my Boy Scout troop schedule a campout weekend/Railroading Merit Badge weekend at the ATT&NW?

We have a very unique arrangement with BSA Troop 677 in suburban St. Louis, and any other troops wishing to join the Boy Scout weekend needs to arrange a coordinated campout with Troop 677. ATT&NW Board Member Dan Busse coordinates all Boy Scout activities at Woodsvalley Farm and the ATT&NW and can be reached at

You hosted a wedding for members of the "Friends" group. Do you make the railway available for weddings, birthday parties, school groups and other such events?

Yes, we have arranged with other groups to hold events on the railway. Our Chief Engineer Alex Beams can discuss costs, logistics and other details, and such use is at the discretion of the Chef Engineer and the railway's Board of Directors.

I am not a railroad employee and have no railroad experience, but I live nearby and would like to be a member of the "Friends" group. How may I join?

We have "Friends" from all places and backgrounds who share an interest in carrying on John Woods' wish of making the ATT&NW a place where railway history comes alive in the spirit of comradery and Ozark hospitality. See for an application. What you donít know, we can teach you, and you may very well have skills you can teach us! We hold work session weekends throughout the year and much of the work necessary to keep the railroad operating is easily taught!

I am building a 15" gauge locomotive in my garage and would like to run it on your railroad. Is this possible?

We welcome and encourage visits from other 15" gauge railroaders who want to bring locomotives and rolling stock, and the best time to do it is during "Friends Weekend" in September. We have facilities to load and unload equipment and offer secure, inside storage. Your 15" gauge wheels need to adhere to our standards, and steam locomotives need to have an ASME "S"-stamp boiler with inspection documentation. All equipment for main line operation shall be equipped with air brakes, or will be restricted to operation on yard tracks and the Inner Loop. Crews need to make qualifying runs on our main line and yard tracks, and owners of coal and wood-burning steam locomotives must make arrangements for their own fuel. Contact Chief Engineer Alex Beams for more information.

Our late grandfather left us his railroad collection and itís taking up space in our garage. Do you want it?

We enjoy displaying certain items of railroading in our depot/museum and will be happy to accept certain donations. If we canít use it or donít have room for it, weíll gladly direct you to other museum groups who may be happy to assist you. We know that some rail fans collect signal equipment from main-line railroads and if you have specific railroad signal equipment to donate, we are in a unique position to occasionally restore it and put it to work on our railroad. Contact our Chief Engineer Alex Beams.

I want to build a 15Ē gauge railroad on my property. How much does this cost?

We could tell you "if you have to ask, you canít afford it," but our website will show you links to many operating miniature railroads that are built on a budget by people who are long on knowledge and enthusiasm and short on resources. Well-built cars from several manufacturers can cost the same as a midsize automobile. A diesel locomotive will cost the same as a midsized motor home, and a small 15" gauge steam locomotive could be double the cost of a diesel. Our Chief Engineer Alex Beams consults many miniature railway builders and can offer consultation if you are interested in building a railroad. Plan on organizing your own "Friends" group to help!