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The Arborway T.T. and Northwestern Railroad has started a "Friends of the Railroad" group. An Application can be found below. At this early stage, it is anticipated that the "Friends" will want to come out and work and play on our railroad. We are working on insurance and liability coverage as well as other benefits such as hats, T-shirts, etc.

As railroad enthusiasts you know there are many disciplines that are needed for the successful operation of a miniature railroad and the ATT&NW is no exception. Machinists, track maintenance, electricians, signaling as well as diesel and steam locomotive skills are certainly important. We welcome your comments and suggestions in these matters as we are new at this.

Volunteer application

Fill out and mail application to:

The Arborway T.T. & Northwestern Railroad
Attn: Chief Engineer
741 West Highway 8
Steelville, Missouri 65565