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Yard Goats ATT&NW Video Preview. (1:54)

Time lapse around the railroad on 452. (1:50)

Drone view of the railroad. (13:10)

Time lapse around the inner loop. (:30)


June 15, 2013 workday side dumping rock from Wooden Crossing to River Road crossing. (0:19)

June 15, 2013 workday side dumping rock from Wooden Crossing to River Road crossing. (0:40)

Camera Crews Film The ATT&NW 801, Side By Side From ATT&NW 216, Upgrade.
Video by Ed & Tim Taylor.
Last trip of the day during the ATT&NW Friends Meet (Sunday September 30, 2012). Chase train was set up for Steve Mitchell, from Yard Goat Images, to get some interesting video for a future DVD featuring the ATT&NW Railroad. (9:18)

ATT&NW 801 Cab Ride With Fireman Kyle & Engineer Fred.
Camera mounted behind the cab of ATT&NW Railroad 801. You get a view of the crew at work, on a normal run around the Arborway TT & Northwestern Railroad Main Line.
Video provided by Ed Taylor. (35:20)

ATT&NW 452 Meets ATT&NW 801 / Ozark Mountain Tunnel
Ed Taylor video. (6:08)


Cagney live steam train engines drag racing at ATT&NW Railroad (1:21)

The Great Cagney Race at the Arborway T.T. & Northwestern railroad (1:40)

801 test fire on 04-14-2012 (16:46)


801 Working up grade at Ozark Mountain Tunnel Oct. 1st by Alex Vaughn (1:00)

801 at night Miller Crossing Oct. 1st by Alex Vaughn (:39)

03/29/11 - Bonding Rail. (13:21)


11/06/10 - 801 at Miller Crossing by Don Wirth. (1:10)

11/06/10 - Boy Scout weekend Nov. 6th by Jim Fly. (5:42)

10/21/10 - Tracks Away video featuring Arborway TT & Northwestern Railroad. (5:47)

09/24/10 - Using the Ballast Regulator and laying ballast on the Arborway TT & Northwestern Railroad (WhiskeyRR). (5:03)

08/09/10 - Some inside the cab, shots of locomotive #801 (15"gauge). On the Arborway TT & Northwestern Railroad. Turn up the sound and listen to the 801 working up the grade. (5:33)

04/14/10 - On Friday (April 9, 2010), Alex Beams, Fred Vergenz, Alex Vaughn, and Jerry Fritschle helped get the 801 serviced and hydroed. Then we made four test runs where everyone had a chance to be in the cab, for a trip or two. The cab shots where taken at the end of the day while putting the train away. We back down main track 2 and then switch to main track 1. To get to the yard track and car storage building. (7:55)

04/13/10 - The engineer at the beginning is the camera man. I took a shot of myself in the mirror. I am filming from the fireman's seat. You hear both of us talking in the cab and can see my reflection in some of the painted surfaces. The fireman and engineer are rather busy in the cab on the? mainline, so I took advantage of the switch move, at the end of the day, to take some video with my pocket camera. We come down track 1 and then back the cars into the yard. Then shove back into the car storage building. Uncouple from the cars and run the 801 light, back to the roundhouse. Both Alex Beams and myself are regular engineers for the 801. Alex Vaughn and Jerry Fritschle acted as conductor and brakeman during our test runs. Also Jerry had chance to fire the locomotive on one trip around the railroad. (9:32)

04/12/10 - Engineer shots while dumping ballast on the Arborway TT & Northwestern Railroad (3:18)

04/12/10 - Kathy is learning how to operate ATT&NW RR #27. (2:45)


06/04/09 Steve Haack and Jenny Vaughn polish #801 as she steams up in the roundhouse. (:10)

06/04/09 Railroad superintendent Alex Beams polishes #801 as she steams up in the roundhouse. (:11)

10/17/09 - AHRR trip to the ATT&NW (:33)

10/17/09 - Riding in the Cab of #216 (2:50)

10/17/09 - American Heritage Diesel Train (5:39)

04/18/09 - #801 & #17 shop shots (3:31)
Video by Fred Vergenz